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Homemade Bath Essentials BATH
Body Oils BODY
Homemade Hand and Body Lotions HAND & BODY
Homemade Candles HOMEMADE
Homemade Gift Baskets GIFT
Homemade Incense HOMEMADE
New Oil Burners OIL
La Femme: For Women Who Want To Avoid The Dirty Public Toilets. This Is A Must! LA
Hand-Drawn Recreations Of Any Picture You Would Like ARTWORK

Homemade Bath and Body Products Body Oils Hand and Body Lotions Homemade Candles Homemade Gift Baskets Homemade Incense Homemade Oil Burners La Femme: For Women only! Hand-Drawn Re-creations

Catherine's Testimony

I've never written a letter of endorsement before so here goes! My husband has kept urging me to write back to you for several weeks.

Ausslifespice is a wonderful company to deal with. Over the past two years we have placed several orders with Sal, Narelle and their staff and have never been disappointed. The level of personal service and attention they offer (including free gifts with our orders!) is unheard of these days. We are particularly crazy about their handmade soaps and fragrance oils but have also used the wonderful lotions. The soaps can be unwrapped and left out to fill a room with fragrance. They are also so gentle that we have used them instead of shampoo. I would highly recommend their natural personal care products only for the most discerning of customers.

Catherine, Portland, OR

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Bath and Body Products
  * Revitalizing Sea Salts
  * Lavishing Body Spritzers
  * Vibrant Cleansing Lather

Body Oils
  * Aroma Therapy Oils
  * Essential & Fragranced
  * Soothing Aromatic Massage

Hand and Body Lotions
  * A Skins Dream
  * Uplifting & Moisturising
  * Heels The Skin

Homemade Candles
  * Made With Bee's Wax
  * Many Colors & Sizes
  * Wonderful Fragrances

Homemade Gift Baskets
  * Design Your Own
  * Unisex Assortment
  * Wrapped For Any Occasion

Homemade Incense
  * Hand-Dipped
  * Rids House of Odors
  * Wonderful Fragrances

Oil Burners
  * Inexpensive
  * Safer Than Others
  * Heavy Wrought Iron

La Femme
  * Female Hygiene
  * Avoid Dirty Toilets
  * Disposable & Biodegradable

Hand-Drawn Re-Creations
  * Re-Create Pictures
  * Framed Or Unframed
  * Identical Reproductions